Tiranga and Politics

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”
– Winston Churchill

Dear Govt. Of India,

I never thought i would ever quote Winston Churchill in my life. But today things are happening which i never thought would have ever happened. I will not beat the bush and come to the topic directly. I have loved my National flag as long as i remember. 15th August and 26th January had been the most pious days in our lives when we could see our beloved ‘Tiranga’ hoisted high. And today, we are stopping (our) people from hoisting (our) National flag on (Our) territory? And it is just not our territory, it is our motherland. Part of Bharat since time immemorial! Have our political parties forgotton that for hoisting this particular piece of cloth in Jammu & Kashmir, countless mothers have lost their sons, Wives have lost their husbands and sisters have lost their brothers? Shall i remind you that of people like Capt. Vikram Batra or Capt. Vijayant Thapar who on your single command went on to do supreme sacrifice for the sake of our flag? Ye, they died for the flag. They died so that our flag could be unfurled there. You did not think of ‘peace’ then! Did you?

Today, when people want to hoist flag at Srinagar why should they be stopped? Shouldn’t we stop them who are opposing them? How confused can you be in your decision? Do i need to tell you who is the enemy and who is not? You fear of rebellion i fear of lack of self-respect. And logically speaking, this is the perfect chance to see who are against the Indian nation and book them for good. For god’s sake can’t you, for once, rise above petty politics? Or has this become a rule that whatever the opposition party says, is wrong. Period?

The anti-nationals come to Delhi and hold a Azaadi conference. You did nothing. Why? Just because we cant throw stones at you? The naxals captured 1/6th territory of my nation, you did nothing. Why? Just because we are civil people? Countless farmers die everyday, you didn’t do anything. Why? Just because Sharad Pawar’s reign over cricket was more important? This bullshit has to be done away with. Inflation has reached gargantuan proportions. You did not do anything. Why? Because we, the middle class, are not like some moronic separatist fools who will torch your offices? And don’t even get me started over the likes of Suresh Kalmaadi and other assholes living and prospering in your holy guidance. Oh, the humiliation which you caused to our nation internationally has not been forgotten.

Seeing this trend, i believe the Gujjar agitation is the best way to get anything done in your regime: Sit on the railway tracks and get your wishes fulfilled. We, the people, of India need to stand up against this blasphemy. Tricolor is the symbol of my freedom. It is a part of my identity. It is something which has been achieved after our nation offered over infinite sacrifices and it has been sustained by giving more.

Just because you can revert back a train of BJP workers who wanted to hoist the National flag does not mean you won. You may give free liquor to illiterate masses and come back to power in 2014. But you have made me more radical. you have made me and several other youngsters disgusted by your deeds. This is a warning for you and your arrogance which thinks common people can’t do anything. I might be powerless today. But remember the tale of Chaanakya and Chandragupt- the great, who single handedly freed India from Roman clutches. You and your likes will not be able to bleed Bharat from thousand cuts. You may have won this battle and humiliated  me, but i will win the war! That’s a promise.


P.S- Omar Abdulla, the day those separatists start pelting stones, you will ask for some more army-men to come and ward them off. You are not only spineless, you are downright pathetic.