Separatists- Why do we tolerate them?

Kashmir is in turmoil.

Nothing new in this statement. It has seen nothing other than turmoil in the recent days. People on road pelting stones, CRPF and other security forces getting beaten up, curfews and inevitable deaths. This has been the chain of events. If the news channels are to be believed, more than 20 people have been killed in last 4 days. Times of India on Aug.4 reports that ‘Violence may continue till Obama visit’ as Pakistan wants J & K to be on world map which it is doing with the help of ISI and separatist leaders of Kashmir. So who are these ‘Separatists’?

I have been thinking since some time, how is it that we so gleefully tolerate somebody who calls himself a separatist? Correct me if i am wrong but is a separatist a ‘Hostile’ word? Last i checked these separatists agenda was to carve a new country called ‘Azad Kashmir‘. Everybody knows how much they support and breed Jihadi terror. Newspapers have time and again published stories how these ‘separatists’ have derailed the peace process. Weather its the Amarnath Yatra or a death whose causes are yet to be known, they leave no stone unturned, literally, to create a ruckus in the valley. The major separatist force in the valley is Hurriyat conference- a group of many separatist parties. One of the primary hurriyat leaders in talk with Indian govt. is Yasin Malik- A sentenced terrorist who has one to one meetings with Pakistani President and prime minister more than once. None of the parties wants Kashmir to be a part of India. And hence the question, Why the hell are we talking to them?? Not only talking, our Prime-Minister repeatedly appeals to keep peace in the valley! Do we lack the might to crush these forces? Why does our Prime Minister have to appeal beg infront of a group of people who want nothing other than violence? I was wondering if i would be wrong in stating that before talking to Pakistan, we should get rid of these bloody ‘Separatists’. It is said about the Hurriyat that it has two factions- one extremist and one liberalist. Be under no illusion. There are no factions between them. Whether it is Geelani’s group of Sheikh’s, both are Pro-Pak. These separatists are given money, protection and even medical care by the Govt. of India. Why? Just to get an over-agitated Kashmiri crowd in return? Then back in delhi, you will not find a single intellectual doing a story on development in Kashmir but they will be the first to air their views on “Why Security forces should be reduced in Kashmir” and “Why India should talk to Pak”.

Our desire to have peace has made us bleed profusely. We have always been lenient just to give peace a chance. We have broken all rules and codes just to accommodate the whims and fancies of a few fanatics. The state has been given special privileges, special economic packages, special treatment but to no avail. This only leaves us with one option. Taking the lynch-pins of this entire debacle out. Separatists need to go and no compromise should be made with national security. Air your concerns but atleast have the decency to keep them reasonable. Valley has been burning continuously since last three summers. Shopian murder case or Amarnath yatra controversy- They have crippled the valley at the slightest of hint.

My solutions may be Hitleresque but if you think hard you will find no other solution to this problem. Talking hasn’t helped and nor has giving the state leaders a free run. We need to act quickly and do so fast. We need to do it and it should have been done a long time ago.Sri-Lanka finally had to fight the LTTE and crush it so that it has long term peace. Someday we will have to give a similar treatment to our enemies too. I propose the following solutions:

  • Start rapid development in Kashmir. Invest in commercialization and tourism.  It will create employment and keep people’s mind of stone-pelting.
  • Keep the schools, colleges and businesses running. They are the pillars of any society. Give extra protection to them so that they may not be disturbed by this ‘below the belt’ style of politics. An educated man is far more likely to think clearly and hence see what is going on.
  • Tighten the security. Up it by a notch. Once the security forces come out of there, ISI will get a free hand and will start disrupting again.
  • Abolish Article 370. Bring Kashmir closer to rest of India. Why in world does it need a separate flag and constitution? Why should every Indian law be okayed by J&K parliament before being implemented there? A Kashmiri child since he is born is made to think that he is different from rest of his countrymen. Why?
  • Stop giving importance to Hurriyat conf. and if possible charge everybody who dares to call himself a separatist.
  • And finally, get above this vote-bank politics of yours! Its making the nation hollow.

We need to take a tough stance to curb this section of people who proudly call themselves separatists! we have fed these snakes and they are biting us now. Our nation is bleeding and their is no harm in eliminating the factor which is making our lives tough.