If we don’t care, why would they?

So you are one of the naive youngsters who believes in the unity and diversity concept of INDIA! Good Morning my friend! Wake up! That is so not true. No matter how much you brag about India being one and NE being the integral part of India, it would not change the ground realities. When China talks about Arunanchal being its part, we cry foul! And why not! Religious places of interest include Malinithan in Lekhabali, Rukhmininagar near Roing (the place where Rukmini, Lord Krishna’s wife in Hindu mythology, is said to have lived), and Parshuram Kund in Lohit district (which is believed to be the lake where Parshuram washed away his sins) are present there! Its cultural heritage has traces of our ancient history.

Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim, Manipur or Arunanchal. Dare you talk about taking it away from us- this is the common roar of people talking about Indo-China relations. While having breakfast, lunch or dinner, when intellectual people talk, this is the only common thing which they utter to show their grasp of matter!

But if i ask them (or you, as a matter of fact), do you have any close friend from NE? 90% people will reply in negative. When i ask do you know names of five cities in any one state of NE, they will reply in negative. When i ask, if they have ever heard the name of Kargil martyr Capt. Kengurise, they will reply in a negative again!
Truth is, we don’t care about anybody who does not dress like us or look like us or eat like us. We think Indian borders are only applicable till Kolkata or Kamakhya. Anything or anybody residing beyond these places is none of our business. The patriotic bullshit which people shed on the name of Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland can be very well judged when people from these states face the question, “Are you from China?”
Come to Delhi University area for a day with me and i will show you more than a dozen live examples on how to tease a girl from north East. “Aye Chinki”, the most common of all!
A few days ago some police commissioner in Delhi had to even distribute a 4-page pamphlet describing how a girl from North east should dress! I dare ask, how many times have you dared to distribute the same thing in front of a pub for girls from Delhi, Mumbai or Banglore? They wear provocative clothes too O mighty officer!
For your information, Since last 1 month Manipur has been cut off from rest of India. The two National highways which connect Manipur have been closed since 16th April. No food supplies or other necessary commodities have been able to reach there. And above that, how many of us knew that all the govt. offices in Manipur are on a still due to a strike from 16th January 2010? They term it ‘Pen-down’ which means they will come to office but wont work until there demands are met. Chief Minister Ibobi Singh is not ready to come to table and negotiate. I urge you to just imagine the condition of a state where a.) All the routes are closed from last month. b.) No govt. office is functioning.
A state where kids go to school for 5 days in a month, where wives have to worry about the safe return of their husbands, a state where government offices don’t function, will automatically drift away.
Separatists are taking ample advantage of this situation and making merry. Peoples liberation army has openly threatened ‘non-manipuris’ to leave manipur or the consequences would be dire. These non-manipuris call themselves ‘Hindustani Samaj‘! Look at the irony!
But deep down, the Hindustani Samaj knows, if the entire population of Kashmiri Pandits had to flee from their homes after loud speakers blared and blatantly told them to leave, they are relatively very less in number. They have written a letter to the Prime-Minister but to no avail! In Assam, more than 50 seats have now Bangladeshi infiltrators in majority. Indians are a minority and have to live scared! The Sentinel in its editorial on 14th May has rightly asked  

“What has the PM done for Assam’s Bangladesh problem even after being elected from Assam?”

We harp the tune of “free and secular media’ incessantly, how many times have the leading media channels shown this issue? O yes, they had more important stuff like IPL, Lalit modi, T-20 world cup to focus on!
If you do not take care of your people they will have no other option than to look for other ways and then we will have only ourselves to blame.
To be frank, you dont give a damn for North East. You simply do not care!!  Just do me a favor, next time when you meet somebody from North East, stop staring at them because they are fairer than you, for god’s sake!