[Disclaimer: What follows is a disturbing and derogatory post which may hamper your good mood. So if you are in a particularly great frame of mind after watching the news today please do not read any further. What follows is a sick man’s tale. I will not tolerate any criticisms and may abuse in retaliation. If anybody wants to read it, should do on their own will]

I should have been a happy man…but still i am disgusted… Entire nation is in celebrations..but still i am disgusted…
I think i am sick…!
I am sick because i believe we are people without a backbone. I am sick because i dont see this as a win for my nation. I am sick because we are short-sighted. People give us a few bones and we wag our tails to forget about our bloody past! I don’t care if that offends anybody. Truth almost always does.

To all those people who are happy for Kasab’s Death sentence, here are some fun-facts:-
1. Kasab is no.51, if it comes to hanging people! (here) We can comfortably assume that he will enjoy a VVIP life for coming 2-3 decades.

2. The woman who killed late Indian Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi is still alive and kicking in Indian jails. We call ourselves a superpower and yet fail to behave like one. “To be a lion, one must learn to roar like a lion.” Just imagine what the existing super-powers of this world would have done if any of their Prime-ministers would have been assassinated so brutally?

3. Afzal guru, who was convicted  for attacking the parliament is no.28 when it comes to death. The prestige of our nation and democracy; Parliament, was attacked on 13th Dec 2001. Why in hell is Guru still alive even after almost a decade??

Even the so called intellectuals in media were discussing in depth about kasab’s trial and the channels are showing interviews of mumbaikars as if Kasab was a one man phenomenon.
For god’s sake! Stop! Kasab, even if convicted, does not make us winners or victors by any chance!

The real culprit is Pakistan — the terrorist state that creates, trains and sends Kasabs into our homes to cause mayhem and anarchy. Kasab should be killed but Pakistan must be taught a lesson too.
The story does not end with him!  What about Saeed’s and Lakhvi’s extradition?
I do not want to start ranting about flaws of our judiciary right now (although i feel like an astrologer! This is what i wrote about Kasab on 23rd April 2009 in my article, “The New Indian Son In-Law“) but what will our policy be from now on? Has this case made our political thinkers more active? What steps have been taken to stop anything like this happen again?

I can see what comes next. He appeals in Supreme court- the case drags on for months, even years. After Supreme court reinstates the current verdict- a mercy plea to the President will be filed where it will be in balance for years and years. Couple that with Human Rights activists coming forward with people of the ‘Minority community’ to demonstrate against his sentence. I am no fool, i say what i see. This is what happened in Guru’s case!Sample it Here. An enemy is an enemy and his religion should not matter in punishing him.

After Kasab, India must make sure, on its own, that nobody from across the border can treat us with disrespect. We need to be ruthless. We need to stop looking at US for help as if it were our elder brother! We need to stand up and fight. But votes matter more than an enemy’s threat in these tough times!
And this, my dear friends, is the reason why i am sick today…!

[Caricature by Sandeep Adhwaryu for Outlookindia.com]